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ThikaGreens offers a rewarding experience for golfers to become part of a thriving community. As a member, you'll gain access to a premier golf course, exclusive events, and exceptional facilities. Join us in an environment that fosters camaraderie, skill development, and enjoyment of the game. Experience unparalleled golfing camaraderie and stunning natural landscapes at ThikaGreens.

Benefits of Joining ThikaGreens

Exclusive Access

Members enjoy unlimited access to our world-class golf course, state-of-the-art practice facilities, and exclusive clubhouse amenities.

Community Engagement

Become part of a vibrant golfing community, attend member-only events, and join tournaments to showcase your skills and build lasting connections.

Discounts and Special Offers

Take advantage of discounts on pro-shop merchandise, dining opportunities, golf lessons, and access to partner golf courses.

Membership Options and Fees

  • Regular Golf Membership
  • Junior Golf Membership
  • Social Membership
  • Corporate Membership

1 Membership Packages

Choose from a range of membership packages tailored to different golfer preferences and playing frequencies.

2 Fee Structure

Transparent fee structure with one-time initiation fees and affordable monthly membership dues.

Registration Form Requirements

Personal Information

Basic personal details, including full name, contact information, and residential address.

Proof of Handicap

Submission of handicap index or golf association ID to determine eligibility and category for competition participation.

How to Fill Out the
Registration Form

To complete the registration process, ensure all sections of the form are accurately filled out. Submit the form along with required documents to the membership department, who will guide you through the next steps.

Terms and Conditions

Membership at ThikaGreens is subject to adherence to our comprehensive terms and conditions. These guidelines ensure fair play, safety, and respect for the environment and fellow members. By signing up, you agree to comply with the club's rules and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Membership Process

Understand the step-by-step process of joining ThikaGreens and what to expect after submitting your membership application

2 Facility Access

Learn about the facilities accessible to
members, guest privileges, and the
scope of daily amenities available at

Contact Information

Reach out to our dedicated membership team for inquiries, assistance with the registration process, and information on membership benefits.



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